The Purposes for which this Corporation was created are:

  • To promote and to provide for additional and maximum employment;
  • To relieve and reduce unemployment;
    To add and maintain job opportunities more effectively;
  • To instruct or to train individuals to improve or to develop their capabilities for such jobs, for the purpose of aiding the community or geographical area within the Town of Plattsburgh
  • To attract new industry to the Town of Plattsburgh;
  • To encourage the development or retention of an industry in the community;
  • To further the public objectives of this corporation by aiding the Town of Plattsburgh by attracting industry to the area, and by encouraging the development and retention of an industry in the area

Seated:  Timothy P. McCormick – President;  Leigh Carter – CEO, Secretary. Standing: Hope Coryer(Left the Board) – Treasurer, Kerry Taylor(Left the Board) – Board Member, Charles Loscalzo Board Member, Dan Albert – Vice President/CFO

Board Members:
President: Timothy P. McCormick

Vice-President/CFO/Treasurer: Dan Albert 

CEO: Leigh Carter 

Secretary: Charles Loscalzo

Town Attorney: James J. Coffey